Five Things Friday


March 8, 2013 by from the block

Read: County Woman’s feature on Asheville’s own (and a favorite blogger of mine) Ashley English. I make no secret of my great admiration for her, I joke that I want to be her when I grow up (though she’s only a few years older). The article offers some background into her start as a homesteading expert, as well as tips on how to get started yourself. You better believe once this baby arrives, or possibly even just warm weather, I’m getting my hands in some dirt! I already have plans for chickens and bees to arrive next spring. Can’t wait!

The Bungalow: a productive week! The bedrooms have been scraped of the lead paint and flaking plaster. The crew starts today to do the plaster repair, hang the trim, etc. Jon had a burst of energy this weekend (I’m calling it nesting) and tiled the backsplash in our kitchen. After spending far too long (18 months?) trying to decide on what sort of tile, I made the final verdict to go with a smaller white subway tile with darker grout. I love the way it finishes the kitchen. I know I owe pictures of the attic, but I’m holding off on those until the skylights are in and it’s not currently holding two bedrooms worth of furniture and storage. Nice weather this weekend also means Jon is starting the massive driveway project and retaining wall. It’s a much needed step to keeping water out of our basement, holding back our neighbor’s yard for eroding into our driveway, and starting the construction of the detached garage. After nearly a year off, I’m so excited to see progress on the house again!

DIY: Part of the final interior renovations include moving our bedroom from the basement to the master bedroom on the main floor. It’s smaller in general and doesn’t have a single wall that isn’t interrupted with either a window or door(s). We also stole most of the closet space to fix the layout in the bathroom so it’s seriously lacking in storage. I’m taking the challenge as an opportunity to revamp things a bit. We’re planning on building something similar to this to solve storage woes and I hope to find the energy to make a new headboard (or order this one) and simple nightstands. Perhaps this is my solution to planning a bedroom when there isn’t much to plan for the nursery? :)

Watch: I saw a lovely movie this week on Netflix streaming based on an equally lovely book that I read a few years ago. The movie is The Hedgehog (based on The Elegance of the Hedgehog) and it was so sweet and heartwarming and funny. It’s in French with subtitles, but that actually made it more charming in my book since I love all things French.

Pregnancy Update: I ordered my first bit of “baby supplies” the other day- some muslin swaddling blankets on sale. It got me thinking about what we need so I read through all the comments on my post back in January and then through several guides. I looked through the bin we have in our attic and determined that we are most definitely set for clothes and I just have to buy the boring stuff (breast pump, bottles, tiny nail clippers). I figured with Amazon prime giving me 10% off anything not purchased from our registry, I’ll just be ordering stuff as I need it post-baby’s arrival. I feel pretty good about things. Just need a car seat and a carrier and I think we’re all set. I ordered my first maternity shirt (a black long sleeve v-neck from GAP) and I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve worn it daily since Sunday. What? It’s very comfortable and flattering. :)

This weekend I’m interviewing doulas while Jon works on the house projects. It’s supposed to be warm and sunny so I think I’ll take advantage and spend lots of time outside getting some vitamin D.

Happy Friday!

4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. erin says:

    every time i read your five things friday i say i need to read more books! oh and i watched “first position” this week. i grew up doing ballet and i will definitely not be encouraging my kid(s) to take it up. while i loved it and enjoyed it, i saw lots of girls head down the eating disorder path and it’s just a very demanding lifestyle. i’m going to push for soccer/tennis/swimming/mathletes! :)

    i’d definitely check with your insurance about the breast pump. i’m pretty sure they are required to cover one for you. all i had to do was call my mail-order pharmacy line and they sent one right out, with storage bags, for free. those things are expensive so it’s worth a phone call!

    have a good weekend! we’re headed to dallas so adelaide can meet her great grandparents!

  2. Aaron Smyth says:

    I just watched the trailer for ‘Hedgehog’ and it looks delightful!

  3. Leah says:

    Tell me more about scraping lead paint — what did you do? We have a lot of peeling paint, and the underneath part is lead. It looks too far gone to be able to easily patch and repaint. How are you staying safe in this?

    Also, re: the master bedroom, do you read young house love? Their first house had a master bedroom without much storage, and they did a pseudo-built in with Ikea wardrobes that looked awesome. Definitely worth checking out.

  4. Ashley English is great. I started scoping out my first vegetable garden during this past week. I bought a few packets of seeds and book on growing vegetables, which I read cover-to-cover on the train since I was traveling this week. I figured out where the beds are going to go, and I’ve started plotting out my space. (I’m starting small…) I am so excited! Even if nothing grows this first year, I can already feel that it’s a worthwhile endeavor — even if just to give us good reason to spend more time outside.

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