The Big Reveal: The Nursery


May 13, 2013 by from the block

Everyone knows that you don’t decorate a nursery for the baby. You do it for yourself – to channel all that nesting energy and give yourself a project so you don’t spend all your time focusing on the day-to-day of being pregnant; and I will admit, you also do it for the friends and family that want a house tour and to impress your blog readers. :)

So…here’s where we started when we bought the house almost exactly 2 years ago:

Baby Room BeforeIt wasn’t terrible, but it had baby blue walls & trim, carpet adhesive stuck to the heart-pine hardwood floors, cracked plaster, peeling paint, old windows we propped open with dowel rods. But hey, a free rotary telephone!

Baby's Room - ProgressThen we took the window out to add on our mudroom/new basement stairs and this is largely how it remained until a few months ago. We used it as our closet/dressing room/storage room/catch all for anything we didn’t have a proper place for.

Baby's Room Progress 2The walls, ceiling and trim were scraped. The hardwoods were refinished, everything was given a new coat of paint, we installed a new window that I can open with two fingers and doesn’t slam shut. :)

And now…finally….the finished room!

View from hallway

View from hallway

I swear it doubled in size. Actually, it’s just my new camera with a proper lens versus the old camera or my iPhone. :)

View from the closet

View from the closet

View from baby's bed

View from baby’s bed

View looking towards hallway & closet

View looking towards hallway & closet

Close up of where I'm hoping the baby will sleep MANY hours.

Close up of where I’m hoping the baby will sleep MANY hours.

The elephant mobile I purchased in Turkey

The elephant mobile I purchased in Turkey

A place for everything and everything in its place!

A place for everything and everything in its place!

Put a bird on it!

My biggest “inspiration” source was the Band of Horses print hanging over the dresser. I bought that years ago remarking to Jon, “I’m going to hang this in the baby room someday.” I sort of forgot about it as I gathered the rest of the room, piece by piece – not really sticking to any sort of color scheme. When I finally started putting it all together, I was amazed by how much it flowed. A happy coincidence! At any rate, I love the room and find it very relaxing at the moment. We’ll see how relaxing it seems when I’m rocking a crying baby in the middle of the night.

With 5 weeks still left to go, I’m a little at a loss where to pour all my nesting energy. We’re going to have some VERY organized closets…

Happy Monday!

Source List:

Paint colors: walls- BM Thundercloud Gray; doors- BM Pure Black; trim- BM White

Glider – Dove Grey, West Elm

Rug – RugsUSA, Homespun Trellis in Turquoise

Lamp – already owned

Ceiling light – Maskros pendant lamp, IKEA

Curtains- Ritva in dark grey, IKEA

Bassinet – Fisher Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper (we’ll keep this in our bedroom and use for moving around the house, traveling)

Frames & Mats- Michael’s and thrift stores

Cow print- Asheville artist, Ann Hartline

Sound of Music print – Asheville artist, Ali Douglas

Barn & Mountains print – Asheville artist, Sarah Faulkner

Band of Horses print – purchased at show in 2010

Shit print- Etsy shop, thebigharumph

Mid-century peacocks print- Etsy shop, poolponydesign

Elephant at the Budapest Zoo- purchased on 20 x 200

Cross-stitched peacock- made by our friend, Sara

Baby Hammock- Kanoe in Sky, purchased used on Craigslist

Pillow in hammock – gift from our friend, Sara; made in Finland by RaumaLainen

Pouf ottoman – Target, no longer offered for sale

Side table- already owned, made by Jon

Changing table/toy, book, blanket storage – already owned, repurposed TV stand, IKEA

Changing pad cover – Turkish bath sheet, purchased in Istanbul

Mid-century dresser- purchased on Craigslist

Glider pillow cover- Lappljung Ruta, IKEA

Throw blanket on glider- IKEA, clearance (no longer on their website)

Green crocodile- purchase in 2003 from Pier1, loved by all the nieces and nephews that came before Baby Jonnifer

Elephant mobile- purchased in Turkey at a roadside stand, September 2012

Brown metal star- already owned

34 thoughts on “The Big Reveal: The Nursery

  1. katie says:

    I. love. it. It makes me a little sad that I’ve never gone all out for a nursery at all. It’s time. You really did a fantastic job. I’d love to hear more about forgoing a crib. ;)

    • Thanks, Katie! It was a fun little project. If there’s ever a Baby Jonnifer #2, that poor kid is just going to get a bed squeezed into this room that will now be adapted for a toddler. Ha. It’s nice to do it at least once!
      I will definitely be posting on how the hammock-use goes. I bought it for half-price on CL, so I figured if our kid hates it, I’ll just sell it on CL again and buy a regular crib. But I’ve heard such glowing testimonials, that I was intrigued enough to try it. Anything to get a kid to sleep through the night!

  2. erin says:

    i love it!! the hanging uh, hammock? what do you call that? is so cool! and i like that there’s lots of space on the floor to play. everything really did come together well. oh and LOVE the dresser. i never find anything good on craigslist.

    you’re so close!!!

    • Thanks, Erin! The hammock is a Kanoe Baby Hammock and is supposed to be amazing for getting babies to sleep through the night and learn to self-soothe. We’ll still be using the bassinet for the first few weeks in our room at night and this for naps during the day, but I’m just as curious to see how our kid likes it!
      As for never finding anything good on CL – I bought this dresser from the same person that I bought my living room couch from. I just happen to troll CL near daily with really specific searches, so when I find something I jump on it quickly. :)

      • Emma says:

        Hi! I saw you bought a Kanoe – how is your little one liking it so far? We are thinking of doing the same thing in our nursery!

      • Hey Emma! She’s only been in it for a couple naps so far. Right now she is in a bassinet in our room at night until she’s a little older. I will definitely post an update once we move her into her room full time. I’m hoping she loves it! :)

  3. Yasmeen says:

    Jen, it is absolutely beautiful!! I am not surprised however as you are very talented at pulling a room together and making it look amazing. Baby Jonnifer will look at pictures one day and love this!
    We used the same bassinet for Tommy, it was great since he had reflux and it helped him sleep better. In fact, we used it for way long after he went into the crib because it was a great place to just put him when i needed to do something.

    • Thanks, Yasmeen! The comments about reflux and colic from loads of parents is what made me go both the Rock n’ Play Sleeper route and with the baby hammock. They both allow the baby to sleep at a slight incline and also feel snug. Here’s hoping all the testimonials hold up to my expectations! :)

  4. Ashley says:

    Ok, I love, love, LOVE everything about this room. The colors, the furniture, the decor, the organization, etc. My favorite, however, has to be your “I love the shit out of you” picture. It is perfect. The room does look very relaxing. I am sure that Baby will feel the “relax” vibe and sleep many long hours for you :)

    I am amazed that you turned that room into this one! Sounds like I really need to hire you and Jon to come do all of the rooms in my house…

    • Thanks, Ashley! I found that shit print on Etsy months ago and laughed so hard that I had to get it. My friend, Holly, suggested hanging it over the changing table which seemed SO appropriate. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that you’re right about the baby picking up on my relaxing vibes!

  5. Aaron Smyth says:

    Great decorating, and that “shit” sign is hilarious!

  6. holly says:

    it looks so great! everything turned out so beautifully. i love all your fun art!

  7. Emily says:

    I really love how it turned out. It’s perfect and I’m jealous of it. :)

  8. Audrey says:

    looks great, love your color scheme and overall design :)

  9. Taya says:

    Hooray! It all looks great. And that shot of your floors “pre furniture” makes me want to lick them. Weird? You did a marvelous job! Now it is time to bring on that baby!!

    • Thanks, Taya. And no, it’s not weird. The beautiful floors are delicious. I mourned the day we let Finn back on them because within an hour, we had new scratches. Oh well, teaching me about letting go of perfection. :)

  10. Erin says:

    It’s perfect, Jen! Just perfect!

    • Thanks, Erin! Sutton said she wanted to sleep in the room before our baby was born because she thought it was “very calm.” ha ha. Maybe you need to bring her up for a girls’ sleepover. :)

  11. Sara says:

    I love how well everything fits together, almost as if you purchased it all together with a plan in mind! It’s beautiful, certainly a room you could (and will) spend hours in. :)

    • Thanks, Sara! And thanks again for your contributions to the room. :) I love looking around the room and seeing friends and family contributions. This baby is being welcomed into a world with a lot of love!

  12. sarah1021 says:

    I love this room. it looks amazing. everything really does come together. i love your artwork on the walls. it’s simple and colorful! well done!

    i’m also laughing that taya said she wants to lick the floors. ha ha!

  13. Love it so much! It all came together so sweetly without being cutesy. What a nice place for baby Jonnifer to come home to!

    • Thanks, Emily! It’s truly a room where most of the elements have been collected over time and then a few of the key pieces tied it all together. I’m sure it will change as we find out how to best use the space we have, but I do like the end product so far! The one thing I wish was a little different is that I find the rug a little itchy to sit on in bare skin…so maybe once I vac it a ton, it might soften up – or I might end up with blankets on the rug while the baby is still really small and sensitive.

  14. Awww, it’s gorgeous — I LOVE IT. And yes, while EVERYTHING makes me a bit teary at the moment, I have to admit that THIS does especially — partly because I can see bits of things we’ve had brief conversations about on Instagram or Pinteret (the hammock crib! The glider!) and how they’ve all come together, and partly also because oh my god, if YOUR baby is almost here, that means mine is coming shortly afterwards!

    Gorgeous room. Can’t wait to see the little human who’s going to be living in it!

    • Aw, Holly! That’s so sweet. :) And yes, it’s crazy to read your weekly updates and realize how closely we’ll be having these babies! I cannot wait to see your finished space, I know it’s going to be fabulous — and though you were saying you were freaking out a bit because you haven’t started, take your time! I finished early and now I’m reduced to organizing closets to get my nesting fix. :)

  15. […] some reason, I keep thinking about the photos my friend Jen posted of her completed nursery. ┬áIt’s a beautiful room, calm and simple and not filled with bears/clowns/lambs/birds or […]

  16. JenMc says:

    Beatufiul room – love it! My only question is, what will you do when the baby is ready to start crawling and pulling up on things…that’s probably the biggest reason for a crib… ;-)

    • I’m not sure what you mean – are you asking how we’ll contain her? There isn’t really anything in the room that I would think would be a hazard, but when she starts getting mobile, we’ll probably use a pack-n-play to give her some boundaries/safety.

  17. […] purchased the house. It’s been our bedroom, the guest bedroom, our closet/storage room, then a very lovely nursery (that was never used) and now a toddler room that sees a lot of […]

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