The Bungalow

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May 2011

  • 1027 sqft, 2 bedrooms,1 bathroom; unfinished basement and attic.
  • Built in 1922 in the cottage bungalow-style. Straight lines, clean trim, high baseboards, crystal doorknobs, paneled doors, terrible storage space and poor/non-existent insulation.
  • 1/2 mile walk to the center of downtown Asheville, NC.

By January 2012, we completed 90% of the renovations – including digging out the basement to get an extra 2 feet in ceiling height, finishing the space to add a 3rd bedroom, 2nd full bathroom, laundry room, family room, utility room and storage; we also built on a small addition to the back of the house in order to relocate the stairs and add a mudroom. By June 2013, we had added insulation to the attic, replaced all the windows, repainted the exterior, poured a foundation & block wall for the detached garage. By December 2013, the attic was finished with new white paneling and new carpet.


August 2014 — still need to tackle landscaping!

  • 1800 sqft, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, finished basement, attic partially finished (sqft from attic not included since it is unconditioned/heated).
  • New windows, exterior paint, replaced porch decking, added retaining wall, drainage, etc.
  • We kept the bungalow character – straight lines, clean trim, high baseboards, crystal doorknobs, paneled doors…but we added TONS of storage and insulation. And paint!

If you have any questions about paint colors or where we got something, feel free to leave a comment, I’m happy to provide answers!

Click on any picture to see full size images, with easy slideshow viewing.

Thanks for stopping by!

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